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Position:Dear Life - Sweet Tooth - Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures - Book review

JULY 2013

Dear Life


By Alice Munro

LITERARY - This is Canadian story master Munro's 12th collection, and in parts autobiographical. (**** SELECTION Jan/Feb 2013)

Sweet Tooth

By Ian McEwan

LITERARY - McEwan's 15th work of fiction is both a love letter to the novel and a spy story. (**** SELECTION Jan/Feb 2013)


By Laurent Binet, translated from the French by Sam Taylor LITERARY - An unnamed narrator has spent years researching the assassination of ruthless S.S. leader Reinhard Heydrich, and he anguishes over how to tell the story. (**** Sept/Oct 2012)

Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures

By Emma Straub

LITERARY - A young woman from rural Wisconsin navigates Hollywood during the Golden Age. (**** Nov/Dec 2012)


By Rachel Cohn

YOUNG ADULT - A computer-programmed cloned girl becomes self-aware ... at her own peril. (**** SELECTION Jan/Feb 2013)

The Book of Blood and Shadow

By Robin Wasserman

YOUNG ADULT - A high-school student gets caught up in a mysterious, real-life, 15th-century manuscript that could lead to a humanity-altering discovery. (**** Sept/Oct 2012)

How Children Succeed

Grit, Character, and the Hidden Power of Character

By Paul Tough


GENERAL NF - Tough argues for a new approach to education and social welfare that recognizes the importance of character. (**** Nov/Dec 2012)

Three Parts Dead

By Max Gladstone

SF - This debut novel mashes up urban fantasy, steam-punk, and the legal thriller. When a god dies, who picks up the pieces? (**** Jan/Feb 2013)

Heads in Beds

A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality

By Jacob Tomsky

BIOGRAPHY - First-time author Jacob Tomsky does for the hotel industry what Anthony Bourdain did for the kitchen: he tells all. (**** Mar/Apr 2013)



See You at Harry's

By Jo Knowles

YOUNG ADULT - When a tragic...

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