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The Odds

By Stewart O'Nan

LITERARY - A financially strapped couple, married 30 years, try to change their luck at a casino. (**** SELECTION Mar/Apr 2012)


By Mat Johnson

LITERARY - An African

American professor and an all-black crew search for the fabled island of Tsalal. (**** SELECTION May/ June 2011)

We the Animals

By Justin Torres

LITERARY - A seven-year-old boy recounts a turbulent childhood in a dysfunctional family. (**** SELECTION

Nov/Dec 2011)

The Grief of Others

By Leah Hager Cohen

LITERARY - A family reels from the death of a baby, until the arrival of a stepdaughter starts to set things right. (**** Jan/Feb 2012)


By Rob Ziegler

SF - In the 22nd century, the world is dying, and there's only one remaining food source. (**** Mar/Apr 2012)

Arguably: Essays

By Christopher Hitchens

GENERAL NF-Hitchens had a long, public career as a political and social agitator. This volume collects more than 100 pieces of his writing. (**** Jan/Feb 2012)


Travels in the New Third World

By Michael Lewis

GENERAL NF - In The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine (**** May/ June 2010), Lewis explained the collapse of our nation's financial system.

Boomerang is a companion piece in its exploration of the wider global financial crisis. (**** Jan/Feb 2012)

Life Itself

A Memoir

By Roger Ebert

BIOGRAPHY - Ebert, the most famous film critic of his time, reflects on his life. (**** SELECTION Nov/ Dec 2011)


The Swerve

How the World Became Modern

By Stephen Greenblatt

HISTORY-Greenblatt received the National Book Award for this look at the profound effects of an ancient poem. (**** SELECTION Jan/Feb 2012)



By Lauren Groff

LITERARY - A boy grows up on a commune in upstate New York. (**** SELECTION May/June 2012)

Nanjing Requiem

By Ha Jin

LITERARY - Ha Jin fictionalizes aspects of the Rape of Nanjing from the perspective of the inhabitants of the Jinling Women's College. (**** Jan/Feb 2012)


By Stephen King

SF - In this time-travel novel, King offers an audacious refashioning of the Kennedy assassination. (****...

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