November is for neighbors.

Author:Cramer, Maggie
Position:The roots of the matter - Editorial

When it came time to plan the 2008 editorial calendar, I started by taking a look back at the themes of 2007 to see which made for great issues that we'd surely want to repeat and which ones didn't work out so well. Our November 2007 theme of Neighbors was a new one at the time, so I paused when planning and asked myself, "Should we repeat the theme this year?" The first thing that popped into my mind was how I'd since moved into a different neighborhood--a great community in East Asheville where neighbors wave and talk to you from their porches, will get your mail for you when you're out of town, and all get together for a potluck at the end of summer. I knew right then that we needed to repeat the theme. After all, it's that idea of improving our connections to our community--whether to our neighbors or even our natural surrounding--that's at the root of New Life Journal's mission. So, in our 2008 Community issue, you'll find lots more information about how you can better connect, this month and beyond.

Check out "Linking Lands and Communities" on page 8 to learn about initiatives that Land-of-Sky Regional Council is working to put in place that will help you make those connections--from literally connecting to your surrounding neighborhoods via greenways to making a more metaphorical connection to the landscape of our region.

In "Wish Granted: A Peaceful Holiday Get-Together" on page 12, Brian Jaudon helps you navigate the communities of friends and family that spring up this time of year and can sometimes be anything but utopian societies. And, Asheville City Councilwoman Robin Cape weighs in on how to have peaceful community conversations....

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