Novadigm, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVDM), Emeryville, Calif., a provider of automated software and content management solutions, has announced that Novadigm e-wrap technology provides the infrastructure underlying the distribution of multimedia content, including movie previews on Wells Fargo & Company's next-generation Web-enabled automated teller machines. The same Novadigm technology is already used by Wells Fargo to distribute advertising through its 600 Express ATMs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The distribution and deletion of content packages is centrally managed by Novadigm e-wrap technology so that video files, and multimedia content can be timed and targeted at ATMs in specific geographic zones. Novadigm optimizes the use of communications bandwidth without compromising the integrity of the ATM network by distributing compact packages of multimedia content for use, and reuse, by player software resident at the ATM itself.

Novadigm's sophisticated technologies meet the demands of the Web-enabled ATMs, which incorporate high performance processors, high reliability and advanced security features. Novadigm's e-wrap technology distributes and updates content packages without disrupting customer service at the ATM.

Wells Fargo unveiled the first Web-enabled ATMs in San Francisco and Los Angeles May 2. More than 800 of the new ATMs are scheduled to be deployed later this year in California and Arizona. The rollout will continue throughout Wells Fargo's ATM network in 2001. Much like a screen-saver, when the ATMs are not actively conducting customer transactions they play full-color, full-motion movie previews and advertisements.

"Novadigm's e-wrap technology is every bit as effective for the distribution of sophisticated multimedia content files to Web-enabled ATMs as it is for the management of software across the enterprise," said George Kellar, vice president of marketing for Novadigm. "We...

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