Thank You, Reviewers

It's customary to list those individuals who have helped to produce this journal. Atop the list, of course, Brig. Gen. Alfred A. Hurley, our publisher, provides wise guidance regarding all aspects of Air Power History. Assistant Editor Dr. Richard Wolf performs layout, design, and typesetting. Col. Scott Willey, the book review editor, makes his demanding job look easy--it's not. Bob Dorr, our technical editor, possesses an enormous data base on airplanes; it's in his head. John Kreis chairs the annual best article and best book committees. After others have proof read the manuscripts, Eileen and Richard De Vito re-read every line of type and till manage to discover and eliminate errors. Executive Director Jim Vertenten and Office Manager Angela Bear handle myriad administrative chores, including the very important Foundation's home page. I am delighted to thank the reviewers of articles and book reviews. If you are aware of anyone I may have missed, please let me know.

Article reviewers

C.R. Anderegg

Bill Bartsch

David Byrd

Sebastian Cox

Dik A. Daso

Richard G. Davis

Raymond Fredette

Alan R. Gropman

R. Cargill Hall

Daniel Haulman

Perry Jamieson

Priscilla D. Jones

John Kreis

Roger D. Launius

Mark Mandeles

Philip Meillinger

Roger G. Miller

Walton S. Moody

Norman Polmar

Jeff Rudd

Rick W. Sturdevant

George Watson

Kenneth Werrell

Book Reviewers

Steven Agoratus

Dennis H. Berger

Matthew Basler

Carl J. Bobrow

John Cirafici

Maury Cagle

Matthew Dietz

Golda Eldridge

Steve Ellis

Alan R. Gropman

Roy Hain

Robin Higham

Jerry Hoblit

John W. Huston

Jeffrey P. Joyce

Ira Kaminow

Stephane Lefevre

Gary Lester

Chris M. Meyse

Al Mongeon

Sherman N. Mullin

John F. O'Connell

R. Ray Ortensie


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