Nothing artificial about change.

Author:Roach, Betsi
Position:LMA NEWS - Conference notes

As forward-thinking marketers, we a are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

Alycia Sutor used the term "the Next Big Thing" in her opening remarks at the 2012 LMA Annual Conference when she declared LMA should take steps to thoughtfully and methodically identify shifts that could affect LMA's future.

The LMA board then began an intensive OneLMA listening campaign in 2013, with the need to move to a regional structure being identified as the Next Big Thing for LMA. This significant shift for LMA is already showing positive effects at all levels. While this is a new organizational structure, the most important aspects of LMA remain the same, including our steadfast support of our core values as well as the dedication of a vibrant, sharing community of members.

During 2016, the Board of Directors looked beyond the Next Big Thing for LMA to what could be the Next Big Thing for the legal industry as a whole. Hall of Fame inductees, Elonide Semmes and Mark T. Greene, Ph.D., identified artificial intelligence (AI) and its escalating adoption as that Next Big Thing.

As with regionalization, LMA is fully committed to supporting the education and understanding of Al's impact in the legal industry. Outside of this issue of Strategies, there will be a session at the 2017 LMA Annual Conference...

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