Noteworthy new records management textbook.

Author:Nemchek, Lee R.

Records & Information Management

Author: Patricia C. Franks

Publisher: Neal-Schuman

Publication Date: 2013

Length: 424 pages

Price: $80

ISBN: 978-1-55570-910-5



Though out of print for many years, Information and Records Management: Document-Based Information Systems by Mary Robek, Gerald F. Brown & David 0. Stephens (Westerville: McGraw-Hill Publishers, 4th Ed., 1996) is arguably the most well-known and respected textbook on records and information management (RIM) practice and procedure. A perusal of ARMA International's bookstore offerings shows a few other, more current general texts, but none of these has the cachet that has kept Robek, Brown & Stephens on most RIM 101/CRM study lists for more than 17 years. That is, until now.

Patricia C. Franks, Ph.D., IGP, CRM, an associate professor in the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University, has authored Records & Information Management, the first authoritative RIM text written from an information governance (IG) perspective. The IG model articulates a new set of imperatives for information professionals, one that includes legal, compliance, and information technology elements in equal measure alongside traditional RIM topics, such as inactive records management and records retention and disposition.

As Franks writes, RIM professionals must "master the fundamentals of different but related fields, including compliance, risk management, change management, and project management" in order to be successful in the new era of Records Management 2.0. This book may prove to be a worthy successor to Robek, Brown & Stephens, especially because shortly after its publication, the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) adopted it as a source of test items for Parts 1 through 5 of the CRM exam.

Scholarship Broad and Deep

As might be expected from a library school professor, Records & Information Management reflects comprehensive, far-ranging reading in the discipline. The scholarship is impressive, with cited authorities going back to 1949 and as current as mid-February 2013. What's most impressive, however, is the overall breadth of coverage, which is evident on several levels:


This textbook covers paper-based and electronic records management topics, as well as all of the major IG touchstones, including big data, cloud computing, social networking, bring your own device, information security and privacy...

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