Notes from Washington.

Author:Sukin, Gigi
Position:STATE of the STATE

In early February, ColoradoBiz joined local leaders in business, government, technology and education as they traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with federal policy experts and strategize about their role in the formation of an "innovation nation." The purpose was to identify actionable business and legislative goals to further position Colorado in the 21st century marketplace.

Here are a few takeaways from the Colorado delegation:

Simon Tafoya, senior policy adviser to Gov. John Hickenlooper

"We're looking at how Colorado Springs could play a role in cybersecurity for the U.S. outside of Washington, D.C.," Tafoya said, referencing the opening of the National Cybersecurity Intelligence Center announced by Gov. Hickenlooper this January. "We already have the assets there with the military, Space Command and other intelligence centers. Now, we have to figure out how we as a state leverage that already-existing concentration of the cyber industry in Colorado."

Stephanie Donner, chief legal counsel, Galvanize

"Galvanize may participate in developing curriculum around cyber and support tech talent to develop the National Cybersecurity Intelligence! Center. Galvanize is well-positioned to be at the table for important policy conversations to advance innovation and higher ed."

Erik Mi tisek, CEO, Colorado Technology Association, CIO, State of Colorado

"Colorado is really competitive - and raising our profile each year. For some of these tough projects and opportunities... our state is a...

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