AuthorHopper, Madeline K.

The Columbia Journal of Gender and Law was honored to cosponsor the third annual conference of Empowering Women of Color at Columbia Law School (EWOC) entitled Double-Consciousness: Women of Color as Advocates for Ourselves and Others in March 2017. This conference theme embodied the work of EWOC: to serve and champion women of color in the greater Columbia Law School community and beyond. CJGL--as a law journal committed to amplifying diverse voices and demanding that feminist dialogue and debate embrace the intersections of gender, race, and economic status, among other identities--made the perfect home for the resulting discussions. The following pages contain the off-the-cuff wisdom of the speakers who participated in Double-Consciousness.

In this issue and partnership with EWOC, we honor CJGL's intersectional and interdisciplinary roots. By publishing works such as this that cross disciplines and engage with intersecting identities and oppressions, CJGL resists and subverts the dominant, white- and male-driven narrative in the law that is otherwise assumed to be the universal and neutral perspective.

We also create a space in the literature with this Symposium issue to memorialize both the excellent work of EWOC members in conceptualizing and organizing this conference, and the personal...

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