Note from the Book Review Editor

Date01 March 2017
Published date01 March 2017
Note from the Book Review Editor
Jennifer Balint
This volume marks the beginning of my three-year term as
Book Review Editor, continuing the excellent work of my prede-
cessor, Jinee Lokaneeta. Law & Society Review will continue to
review a range of books in the law and society tradition, and will
strive to be as international as possible. To that end, some of the
books reviewed will not have been published in English and are
thus presently inaccessible to an English speaking audience.
Please do contact me with any suggestions in relation to titles.
The recipients of the Herbert Jacob Book Prize by the Law &
Society Association, that recognizes new and outstanding work in
law and society scholarship, will feature in the review section,
providing an opportunity to those not able to attend the Associa-
tion meeting to engage with this new work. I will also be liaising
with the journal editors to where possible connect the reviews to
key and emerging themes of the journal. I look forward to work-
ing with you all.
Jennifer Balint
Law & Society Review, Volume 51, Number 1 (2017)
C2017 Law and Society Association. All rights reserved.

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