A Note from NDTA Headquarters.

Author:Brown, Vadm William A.

I want to begin with a big thank you to all who attended the 2018 NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting! I hope you arrived ready to soak in a broad range of issues impacting out Nations readiness to support out military in times of peace and in contingencies. If you were able to learn, gain additional perspectives and cast your net wide to talk to all sorts of movers and shakers in the logistics enterprise--both military and in industry--then we were successful.

I sensed there was a lot of excitement and discussion occurring, which I attribute in great part to the exceptional line-up of speakers, panels, classes, and committee meetings. A personal shout out to our guest speakers and panel leaders--and to those senior leaders who ensured they were present and available. To name just a few: GEN Stephen Lyons, Commander, USTRANSCOM; LtGen John Broadmeadow, Deputy Commander, USTRANSCOM; Gen Maryanne Miller, Commander, Air Mobility Command (AMC); The Honorable Robert McMahon, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment; MG Stephen Farmen, Commander, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC); RADM Dee Mewbourne, Commander, Military Sealift Command (MSC); Maj Gen Lenny Richoux, Commander, Joint Enabling Capabilities Command; MG Dan Ammerman, Commander, Joint Transportation Reserve Unit; and RADM (Ret.) Mark Buzby, Maritime Administrator.

Thanks to Mr. Tom Crowley of Crowley Maritime and Mr. Pete Mento of Crane Worldwide Logistics for sharing industry perspectives, as well as Dr. Peter Navarro from the White House for giving us his perspective on the need for a strong national industrial base, support for the Jones Act and US sealift writ large. This was our inaugural Senior Enlisted Panel, led by USTRANSCOM Senior Enlisted Leader CMSgt Matt Caruso. The panel was an overwhelming success and I would like to see that level of Senior Enlisted involvement continue in future years.

My sincere gratitude to all of our instructors at the Transportation Academy and all who gave of their time to provide professional logistics, business and process-oriented presentations. I was also very pleased the NDTA functional Committees were able to meet on the last day of the Fall Meeting--and the quality of the discussions was outstanding. I would be remiss if didn't thank USTRANSCOM, SDDC, AMC and MSC, everyone from the Industry team, the NDTA staff and our many volunteers who planned, exhibited and created the environment for learning and trust.

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