AuthorBensouda, Dr. Fatou

Ever since I have come to know Leila, I have known her to be the consummate legal scholar with a strong passion for international humanitarian law, international justice, human rights and the developments of international law writ large. Quite apart from her academic life and teachings, she is involved in quite a few projects and pursuits for the development of and appropriate application of international humanitarian law and international criminal law.

This passion is manifested in her strong support for the work of the Office of the International Criminal Court and the Court more broadly at every opportunity. I have been impressed by her sincere commitment to our work and her determination to assist me personally when 1 served as Court's Prosecutor and the Office to achieve success in the execution of our crucial mandate. It did not take me long to request Leila to act as my Special Advisor as soon as I assumed office as ICC Prosecutor in 2012 - a decision I have not regretted, not even remotely. Leila stepped up to the plate and did a marvelous job in advising myself and my teams at every level, from preliminary examinations to the investigation teams, from prosecutions to appeals. She helped us flesh out important legal and...

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