Not One Normal Day.


Not One Normal Day

Berl Falbaum

Independently Published

9781705550977, $16.95, PB, 356pp,

Synopsis: "Not One Normal Day--Trumpedia: A Tome of Lies, Scandal, Corruption and Much More" is a compilation of more than 100 critical columns on Donald Trump which were originally published in Michigan newspapers. The columns start with Trump's presidential candidacy and covers Trump's administration through October 2019.

"Not One Normal Day" points out that for four years we have had daily scandals, controversies, corruption and a president who, according to fact-checkers, has told some 13,500 lies during his 993 days in office --- roughly 13.5 lies a day.

Critique: No other president in the whole of American history has been such a compulsive liar about things big and small, consequential and irrelevant as Donald J. Trump. Yet his dedication to...

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