Not Exactly Black and White.

Author:Dwyer, Thomas S.

Regarding A.C. Clays "Dehumanized and Still Holding onto Jesus" (First Person, J/A 2019), I was surprised that when the author referred to black people he capitalized "Black," whereas he didn't capitalize "white" when referring to white people. Did you notice that the author had resorted to a form of racism in his article, which is not befitting the Humanist, and if so, why didn't you require that he be consistent in the punctuation of "black" and "white"?

Thomas S. Dwyer | Newtown, CT

Editor's Reply: Some style guides call for lowercasing both "black" and "white" when used as adjectives referring to ethnicity. The Chicago Manual of Style, which is the journalistic style guide we follow, now stipulates that the terms are...

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