Not even women can save us now.

Author:Weiss, Charles
Position:THE CONVERSATION - Letter to the editor

I would like to comment on the symposium about women in the Middle East peace process, the subject of a book I began but never completed. In 1994, I was winding up my career as Middle East correspondent for Voice of America. The Oslo Declaration of Principles had made history and the general feeling was that it was no longer a question of if peace was possible, but when. Israel had evolved from a country that sent people to jail for casual contact with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to one negotiating on what parts of the West Bank it would cede to the PLO and when.

My feeling was that the first to realize the futility of the never-ending warfare--and to do something about it--were women on both sides of the Green Line. Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Arab women succeeded in grudgingly legitimizing the idea that there might yet be...

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