Normandy: From D-Day to the Break out, June 6-July 31, 1944.

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Normandy: From D-Day to the Break out, June 6-July 31, 1944. By Dominique Francois (translated from the French by Gayle Wurst). Minneapolis, Minn.: Zenith Press, 2013. Photographs. Maps. Appen dices. Bibliography. Index. Pp. 300. $26.50 ISBN: 978-0-7603-4558-0

Dominique Frangois is a noted French historian and writer of fifteen books specifically covering D-Day and the subsequent Normandy campaign during World War II. Mr. Francois has served as a consultant for the History Channel, NBC, and Inertia Films. He fives in Normandy and dedicated this book to his grandfather, Joseph Francois, a French cavalry officer in World War I, who was killed on June 6, 1944, at Saint-Marcouf, France.

Over the past seventy years, the D-Day invasion carried out by Allied forces at Normandy has become one of the most famous historical components of World War II. This book is a pictorial description of the Normandy invasion itself and the period of the Allied breakout from the Cotentin Peninsula. Specifically included are numerous photos and a detailed description of the critical events that preceded this battle, including the German occupation of Normandy and the construction of the Atlantic Wall by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's forces. Francois provides the greatest number of wartime pictures I have ever seen on this subject. These pictures are the means used to convey the message of the book. Without question, the pictures are the true worth of the book. The majority of the pictures are from US and Allied files; however, there is a significant number of German military...

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