Non-intervention policies contribute to refugee crisis.

Author:Garner, Godfrey

The world today faces a refugee crisis, the magnitude of which we have not seen since WWII. Entire cultures are fleeing their homeland and the countries to which they are fleeing are facing a series of terribly destabilizing choices and decisions. Any manageable effort to provide for national security in most of these 'destination countries' will have to be left to chance. The fact that humanity today is facing a threat from increasingly encouraged and emboldened terror organizations magnifies this danger immeasurably. Our world is in disarray and chaos and unfortunately there seems to be a severe dearth of leadership.

In response to all this, the civilized nations of the world lash out at each other over who will assume responsibility and to what degree each will commit to cleaning up the mess made by rogue regimes and ruthless tyrants. The rogue regimes and ruthless tyrants meanwhile continue merrily down the path of genocide.

The ridiculously misplaced outrage, seems to be directed toward nations who refuse to take immigrants, rather than the individuals and governments that have worked diligently to create more of those refugees. All the while, led by impotent organizations such as the United Nations, the free world strives to be seen as non-meddling, and non-judgmental and whistles by the graveyard while innocents are slaughtered on a scale that would inspire envy in the likes of Hitler and Pol Pot.

Aggravating the problem is the ease with which insurgents and terrorists are, on a daily basis infiltrating European nations. Mixed in with the refugee population they present a serious problem, no one is capable of addressing under the circumstances. Security officials are far too overwhelmed with the problem of simply finding a place for the oppressed.

As terrible as it is however, this era can present opportunities for positive change in the way nations deal with each other and the way the rest of the world deals with rogue nations that spark such devastation. Now is the time for democratic nations to stand together and demand accountability of rogue regimes and tyrannical leaders. Such a move however, will take leaders of strong will and men and women committed to doing what's right rather than what is politically expedient.

Immigration, whether legal or illegal always changes a country. The changes may be positive or negative. They may be instant or generational but they always happen. For this reason, and in light of the fact that...

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