Noche De Los Timbaleros.

Author:Salazar, Max
Position:TT: Night of the kettledrums.

December 8, 1998, was a cold and rainy Tuesday in New York City, the type of evening which would keep most people at home. But not for the over 300 Salsa and Latin jazz aficionados who defied the weather so they could attend Tito Puente's Noche de los Timbaleros (Night of the Timbal Players) at Puente's City Island restaurant in the Bronx. At 7 p.m., 54 tables which accommodate 300 diners were occupied. The overflow of people compelled a Standing Room Only situation. At 7:30 p.m., the Orlando Marin Quintet, which included Sergio Rivera on piano, Hugo Duran on bass, Ivo Tirado on conga, Monte Montañez on chorus and maracas, and Marin on timbales and vocals kicked off the evening with an arousing Mani Tostao. Marin's bopish scat singing enabled tunes Casera Ten Cuidado, Cara De Payaso, Cuando Llegare and Se Te Quemó La Casa to sound exciting.

At 8:45 p.m., percussionists Ralph Irizarry, Tito Puente, Nicky Marrero and Jimmy Sabater stood behind their timbales waiting to wail. For 15 minutes the audience...

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