No place to go.

AuthorBarfield, Ellen
PositionFROM READERS - Letter to the editor

I was stunned, and then offended, to read the July/August "Matters of Scale" chart of statistics, and see it quoting WHO/UN ICEF as reporting that 100 percent of people in the United States have access to "adequate" sanitary toilets. One can of course argue what "adequate" means, but I would say the only functional meaning is having an at least relatively clean and always accessible place to go.

Just from personal knowledge I am aware of many impoverished people living in colonias on the Texas border who have no plumbing, along with no paving or any other services normally provided in developer-built neighborhoods, which these are. And every city has numerous people with no homes, who sadly are strongly discouraged from using restaurant or library facilities, so that the stench of urine fills many corners and doorways. These are just two categories of people...

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