No Fire, No Fury: Boston Branch Opposes Nuclear Build-up and Threats of War against North Korea.

Author:Moghadam, Valentine M.
Position:Boston, Massachusetts

In response to President Trump's increasingly aggressive rhetoric targeting Iran and North Korea, among other countries, peace activists in Boston have staged a number of actions to which WILPF members have contributed. On September 8, 2017, an emergency rally took place at Boston's Park Street MBTA stop, organized by Massachusetts Peace Action (MAPA) and co-sponsored by WILPF's Boston Branch.

Among the speakers were State Representative Mike Connolly and MAPA director Cole Harrison, who spoke of the need for antiwar legislation as well as an end to the war games evidently aimed at provoking North Korea. A young woman from South Korea spoke at length, calling for peaceful resolution, while others described how American involvement in the Korean War had nearly destroyed the North--a harbinger of what was to come in Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia the following decade and into the early 1970s. Anti-nuclear activists were also present, calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons and pointing out that there could be no winners in a nuclear conflict. WILPF's Boston Branch came out in large numbers and with prominent banners. Branch co-chair Joan Ecklein spoke on behalf of WILPF, reading from the WILPF statement on diplomacy with Korea and noting the long history of women's involvement in peace and antiwar movements. This includes first WILPF President Jane Addams's opposition to the First World War, the formation of Women Strike for Peace, women's strong presence in the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) and other groups opposed to American militarization of Central and South America, Britain's anti-nuclear Women of Greenham Common, the formation of Code Pink in opposition to the invasion of Iraq, Women in Black, Israel's Machsom Watch, and WILPF's own distinguished history of activism for peace and social justice. Joan mentioned the valiant and risky marches by peace women along the demilitarized zone, an action that few men took part in.

She also reiterated that North Korea will stop making threatening...

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