No Crying in Newsrooms: A new book captures the struggles and successes of women in news media.

Author:Mateos, Evelyn

Two Arizona State University (ASU) journalism professors, Kristin Gilger and Julia Wallace, record the achievements and challenges that women have faced in America's newsrooms in their new book, "There's No Crying in Newsrooms: What Women Have Learned About What It Takes to Lead."

Both Gilger and Wallace have served in various leadership roles throughout their news careers. It was Gilger who said she had been thinking for a long time about writing a book regarding women leaders in news, but it was a project she could not tackle alone. Because Gilger had previously worked with Wallace, Gilger thought she would make a great writing partner. Wallace was quick to accept.

Although it was a tremendous amount work--or rather a "labor of love," as the authors put it--Gilger said that ultimately there were two big motivators driving them. "Number one, we came into newsrooms at a time where there was fundamental change. A lawsuit and the Civil Rights Act opened up these (opportunities) to women and people of color. All of a sudden there's this whole generation of women who grew into leadership roles, but their stories have not been told."

"The second motivator was our students," Gilger continued. "We looked at these young women and frankly, our own daughters ... and we wanted to take the stories of these women and (let) them be able to share their wisdom and their lessons so that young women entering the workforce today are better prepared."

Gilger and Wallace selected themes for each chapter. For example, one theme explores...

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