Position:Republicans on press; Afghan refugee rejected; Betsy DeVos on student loans

It's Working

A recent Ipsos poll found that 48 percent of Republicans agree with Trump that the media are "the enemy of the people" and 43 percent think the President "should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior"

A Conservative Parent's Worst Nightmare

After attending a rally for a progressive Congressional contender in Missouri that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke at, Virginia Kruta, a reporter for the conservative Daily Caller website, issued a breathless report describing how "truly terrifying" it was, writing, "I saw how easy it would be, as a parent, to accept the idea that my children deserve health care and education."

A Profit-Driven Presidency

Companies owned by President Donald Trump have raked in more than $3.5 million from Republican-affiliated campaigns and conservative groups since he took office, compared to less than $35,000 from such groups during the two-year 2014 election cycle, an analysis by McClatchy found. This includes more than $800,000 funneled from Trumps campaign to his business ventures.

Plenty of Blame to Go Around

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has identified the real culprits in the murder of a twenty-year-old college student for which a Mexican immigrant suspect has been arrested, declaring, "The CNNs, MSNBCs, most of the print media, and Democrats are all accomplices in the death of this young girl and the death of everyone else."

Jerks Just Wanna Have Fun

"Owning the libs," a new pastime for Republicans, consists of doing things like drinking from mugs labeled "LEFTIST TEARS." Gushed Daily Wire columnist Michael Knowles...

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