Position:Adolf Hitler in a children's book; wrongful arrest of Rebecca Shaw; Attorney General Jeff Sessions on incarceration

For He's a Jolly Great Leader

A children's book listed under the title Great Leaders on an Indian publisher's website included write-ups on Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Mohandas Gandhi--and Adolf Hitler. The book was pulled after people complained.


Florida resident Rebecca Shaw spent five months in jail after a faulty field test determined that the pills found in her car by a deputy were oxycodone. She was released only after her husband raised the $5,000 bail. Seven months later, a crime lab concluded that the pills were actually vitamins, as she had said all along.

The Penal Solution

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sees the slight decline in the United States' world-leading prison population numbers as "a worrisome trend," reports Time magazine. As he puts it, "This whole mentality that there's another solution other than incarceration, all I will say to you is, people today don't know that every one of these things has been tried over the last forty years."

No Cookies for You!

Mat Staver, the founder of Liberty Counsel, a conservative legal group, has called for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies, calling the scouts' parent organization "a political advocacy group that promotes abortion and sexual promiscuity to innocent girls." His proof: Some Girl Scouts attended a 2010 United Nations conference on women, and a photo from last year's Women's March appeared on the scouts' Facebook page.

Schools of Rocks

A school district in Pennsylvania has placed five-gallon buckets of hand-sized river stones in every classroom so if an...

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