NLJ makeover redux.

AuthorCramer, Maggie
PositionLETTER FROM THE EDITOR - Editorial

After launching our new website in December of last year, we received quite a few Letters to the Editor from our very own print magazine. It was jealous of the website, and the letters clearly showed that: "It's not fair that the website got a makeover and I didn't." "I've had almost the same look for 10 years; I needed it more." You get the idea.

Okay, of course the magazine didn't speak to us literally, but it certainly did on a different level. We knew the website needed a facelift; the options for Web software have expanded dramatically, allowing the Internet to become a wonderful tool for publications to get their content out and create a different type of interactive experience than print. So, we had no qualms about making those changes. But when it came to the print publication, we wondered, "If it's not broken, should we fix it?"

We pondered the old saying, but We also heard the publication's call that it was time for its makeover, too. After all, the world has gone through many changes in the last year-the election, an economic downturn, the unprecedented popularity and support of the green and sustainable movement.

In other words, today it's just as, if not more, important to get out positive messages about holistic and sustainable living to everyone who wants to hear. What our publication was saying was that now is the time for us to be sure we have the best product we can to deliver that message. While we've always stood behind our publication, we also recognize that everyone needs a little sprucing up now and again. (Plus, selfishly, I'm tired of all the metaphorical Letters to the Editor my brain's been sending!)

So, we did it, and we're excited to introduce you to our new and improved look! We know it might have thrown you for a bit of a loop this month, but it's still us--inside you'll still find the same great content on everything from yoga to organic gardening to green building. Now the package just helps us look more like the magazine we are and have always been! Doesn't the new cover have a great look and feel? Or, do we just get that excited about paper because we work in publishing?

We also decided to change our logo as part of our new look. With the logo shortened to NLJ, you'll get to see more of the great cover photos every month. Not to mention, NLJ just rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn't it?


We're happy to unveil this new look with our Herbal Healing issue, since it's a topic we've...

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