Nix, Garth. Lireal, daughter of the Clayr.

Author:Farmer, Lesley S.J.
Position:Book Review

(Sequel to Sabriel). HarperTrophy 706p. c2001 0-06000542-4. $6.99. JSA

Those who enjoyed Sabriel will find familiar ground in this fantasy, another coming-of-age tale. Here the protagonist is Lirael, who despairs of ever getting the Sight that runs in her family. Lonely and about ready to commit suicide, Lirael encounters Sabriel and her husband in deep conversation. Other forces also come into play, and Lirael awakens to find herself assigned to the library as an assistant. There she discovers that she can read the past, and she also conjures up a new friend in The Disreputable Dog. Lirael finds that her gifts are unique, and is summoned to a harrowing mission that could reveal her real destiny, different though it might be from what she or anyone else...

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