Nilsson, Per. Heart's Delight.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Trans. By Tara Chace. Front Street. 152p. c2003. 1-886910-92-8. $16.95. S

This YA novel is originally Swedish and has been praised highly in Europe. It takes place in Sweden, with the narrator a young man who is looking back over a failed love affair--his first real love. Heart's Delight is the name of his girlfriend's favorite plant, lemon balm, and of course the name he gives to her. On the cover of this novel are blurry photos of what could be white balloons, but not fully blown up, so it looks like there are nipples there, which remind one of breasts. Well, it turns out as you read the story the photos are actually of unused condoms, blown up as though they were balloons. However, whether breasts or condoms, the cover prepares the reader for the fact that there is some sex in this story. The perspective is somewhat different, in that the narrator begins to describe his love to the reader after the love affair is finished. He ominously gathers together the...

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