Next Steps for Public ‐Administration in Theory and Practice: Looking Backward and Moving Forward

Date01 January 2014
Published date01 January 2014
Call for Papers
136 Public Administration Review • January | February 2014
Public Administration Review,
Vol. 74, Iss. 1, pp. 136. © 2014 by
The American Society for Public Administration.
DOI: 10.1111/puar.12177.
Next Steps for Public Administration in  eory and Practice:
Looking Backward and Moving Forward
November 16–18, 2014 Sun Yat-sen University,
Guangzhou, China
Program Committee
James Perry, Editor-in-Chief, Public
Administration Review, and
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Indiana
University (
Ma Jun, Professor and Director, National
Chinese Public Administration
Research Centre, Sun Yat-sen University, China
Hon Chan, Professor, City University of Hong
Kong (
M. Jae Moon, Professor, Yonsei University
The Program Committee invites submissions of
quality paper proposals for the International
Conference on “Next Steps for Public
Administration in  eory and Practice,” which will be
held in Guangzhou, China, on November 16–18, 2014,
in celebration of Public Administration Reviews seventy-
f‌i fth anniversary as well as Sun Yat-sen University’s
ninetieth anniversary.  e committee is interested in
signif‌i cant, original, and rigorous papers that discuss
theoretical, methodological, and practical challenges and
opportunities, particularly in the age of austerity, com-
plexity, uncertainty, and interconnectedness.
Public administration as a f‌i eld has become theoreti-
cally more interdisciplinary and methodologically more
rigorous, while the practice of public administration has
been evolving in an increasingly complex and uncertain
environment. Responding to growing demand for new
theoretical frameworks, as well as innovative, interactive,
and interdependent policy tools, the conference aims to
of‌f er an intellectually challenging and practically relevant
opportunity for both scholars and practitioners.
All accepted papers will be compiled and published on
the conference Web site. Plenary papers and others pre-
sented at the conference will be published in a themed
issue of PAR in 2016 after regular peer review.  eory-
driven, empirical, or practically relevant research papers
are welcome. Research topics might include, but are not
limited to, the following:
New challenges to public administration in the
age of austerity and uncertainty
• Citizen participation and governance
Quality of government and government
Collaborative government in a networked
society: opportunities and challenges
Improving theories and methods in public
administration research
Transparency, openness and accountability in the
public sector
Applications of new technologies for emerging
public administration problems
• Measuring public value
Revisiting professionalism, public values, and
ethics in the public sector
Searching for new institutional design
for emerging policy challenges in energy,
environment, water, disaster management
Both individual paper proposals and panel propos-
als are welcome. Proposals must be submitted elec-
tronically to Meili Niu at by
March 1, 2014. Individual paper proposals should
be no more one page and include paper title, author
name(s) and institutional af‌f‌i liations, contact details,
and brief description of paper, while panel proposals
should be no more than three pages and include panel
title, names of panel chair and authors, institutional
af‌f‌i liations, and short description of the panel papers.
Individuals are neither allowed to submit more than
two proposals nor present two papers (regardless of
singled or coauthored papers).
e primary author will be e-mailed notif‌i cation of
acceptance or rejection by April 30, 2014. Completed
papers are expected to be submitted to the Program
Committee by October 15, 2014.
Sun Yat-sen University will provide presenters with
accommodations and meals up to three nights. No
conference registration fee will be charged.
Any questions regarding the conference may be sent to
Dr. Meili Niu at or to any of the
program committee members by e-mail.
Conference Venue
Sun Yat-sen University was founded in 1924 by
Dr. Sun Yat-sen, a great democratic revolutionary
leader of the twentieth century.  e university is
located in Guangdong Province, an area neighbor-
ing Hong Kong and Macao, which is at the fore-
front of China’s reform and opening up. Sun Yat-sen
University is one of the leading universities in the
People’s Republic of China, with some 83,000 students
studying on four campuses in Guangzhou and Zhuhai.
Benef‌i ting from its location near Hong Kong and
Macao and the regional advantage of opening and
economic development, the university has become an
important base for training high-level talents, scientif‌i c
research, providing services to society, and inheriting
cultural traditions. According to the Times Higher
Education World University Rankings for 2010–11,
Sun Yat-sen University was ranked in the top 200 in
the world.

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