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Air Power

* Vendors and governments officials from around the world flocked to the Paris Air Show to promote their products. National Defense will examine the capabilities that the United States and its partners are working on to maintain air superiority.

Subterranean Tech

* The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's "SubT" Challenge is aimed at fostering technology that could help the U.S. military, law enforcement and first responders explore and operate in subterranean environments such as tunnels, urban undergrounds and cave networks. Competing teams will soon travel to an old mine in Pennsylvania to demonstrate their systems in the first of three planned test circuits.

Arctic Strategy

* Global warming has melted ice in the Arctic, opening up shipping lanes and routes to natural resources that were not previously accessible. National Defense dives into what the United States is doing to counter global competitors and amp up its military presence.

SOCOM Artificial Intelligence

* Special Operations Command is developing a new strategy to...

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