"People always say they want to run government like a business. I'm not aware of any business that fires their board of directors or their management team every six, eight or 10 years."

Senate Minority Leader Keith Ingram (D) on measures to change term limits, from The Associated Press


"We were too busy to thinking about gender or how gender affected anything."

Senate Majority Leader Julia Ratti (D) on finishing up the nation's first legislative session with a majority of women, in the Las Vegan Review-Journal.


"Everything they're saying makes it sound like unicorns and rainbows. I'm anxious to see it."

Representative James Rigby (R) on waiting for the governor's budget to be unveiled, in the New Castle News


"It's a historic legislative effort on behalf of public schools. ... I think it will be a national model for reforms."

Senator Brandon Creighton (R) on legislation to significantly overhaul school finance, from Community Impact Newspaper


House Speaker Taylor Barras (R) and Senate President John Alario (R) bid farewell to their chambers. Barras, who was term-limited, was first elected to the House in 2007. Alario, also term-limited, has served in the legislature for 48 years and has been both House speaker'and Senate president, twice. He is eligible to run for the House in 2020, though it is unclear if he will.


House Speaker Sara Gideon is running for U.S. Senate, joining two other Democrats running against incumbent Susan Collins (R),


Barbara Smith Warner was chosen to be the new...

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