"I could only hope the dog ate it."

Minnesota Senator David H. Senjem (R), referring to his wallet, which he lost briefly, to illustrate the reason for legislation creating an "identity theft passport" to help victims prove their identity, in the Post-Bulletin.

SENATOR JANET PETERSEN (D) IS THE NEW LEADER OF THE IOWA DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS after her colleagues ousted Senator Rob Hogg (D), the former minority leader. Hogg lost the confidence of his colleagues over lackluster fundraising efforts following the November 2016 election in which six Democrats, including former Majority Leader Mike Gronstal (D), were defeated. Hogg had held his post for just a year when the caucus took the unusual step of replacing him halfway through the campaign cycle. Petersen was first elected in 2000.

CALIFORNIA SENATE PRESIDENT PRO TEM KEVIN DE LEON IS CHALLENGING FELLOW DEMOCRAT DIANNE FEINSTEIN FOR HER U.S. SENATE SEAT. De Leon served in the state Assembly for four years before being elected to the Senate in 2010. Elected speaker in 2014, he is the first Latino to hold the post in more than 130 years.

"As we wrestle with the budget contradictions, it almost drives us into the trap of doing things that voters perceive are underhanded and trying to trick them. It is sneaky. But that's the hole we've got ourselves in."

Colorado Representative Dan Thurlow (R) on exempting the hospital provider fee from the state's TABOR amendment, which limits the state's revenue growth and requires excess revenues to be returned to taxpayers unless they approve an increase in spending, in Governing.

TEXAS HOUSE SPEAKER JOE STRAUS (R) ANNOUNCED HE WILL NOT SEEK RE-ELECTION IN 2018. Straus has led the chamber since 2009 and is the state's longest serving Republican speaker. He did not rule out seeking higher office. Representatives John Zerwas (R), chair of the House Appropriations Committee, and Phil King (R), chair of the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee, are running for the speakership. Straus' decision was unexpected, but "a confident leader knows when it's time to give it back," he said.


Massachusetts Representative Kay Khan (D) was elected in 1995. She is a tireless advocate for mental health and women in the criminal justice system and is founder and co-chair of the legislative mental health caucus, the first in the nation. She chairs the Joint...

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