News on success talks.

Author:McCabe, Jim

When I look at how much the SUCCESS brand has grown over the past few years, it continues to amaze me. Meanwhile, the media world has changed at a similarly astonishing rate. In this, like any industry, we have to adapt. Media consumers now crave content as quickly as possible, in multiple formats to suit their different consumption needs.

An important piece of SUCCESS has been the audio CD, bound into every issue, featuring interviews with compelling personalities describing their unique paths to success. These interviews are always some of the most discussed content that we produce, so we decided to expand our distribution channels to make them available to the largest audience possible. As we do this, we also face the reality that the audio disc format is becoming much less popular and we are better served delivering the same content via more modern means.

Starting with the March 2017 issue, we will no longer include a physical CD in the magazine. Instead we have already begun to produce a free podcast titled SUCCESS Talks that will release a new...

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