News Highlights Evaluating the Cut Score for the California Bar Exam, 080917 CABJ, CBJ-August 2017 #04


News Highlights Evaluating the cut score for the California Bar Exam

No. 2017 #04

California Bar Journal

August 9, 2017

The State Bar of California is carefully reviewing the California Bar Examination passing score in a series of studies, as directed by the state Supreme Court.

On July 31, State Bar trustees and the Committee of Bar Examiners met to discuss the 2017 Standard Setting Study Report of the passing score, reviewing both the study and a staff memo that presented two options, based on the standard setting study conducted by psychometrician Chad Buckendahl, Ph.D.

The State Bar is seeking public comment regarding the Standard Setting Study and related options for the California Bar Exam cut score before making a recommendation to the California Supreme Court, which will make the final decision. • Read the California Bar Exam Standard Setting Study

• See the news release on the California Bar Exam Standard Setting study

• View a fact sheet outlining how the State Bar will study the California Bar Exam

Input and Evaluation

Evaluating the California Bar Exam has included deans and other law school representatives. At an April 6 Law School Assembly meeting, the State Bar hosted deans and law school administrators to discuss the definition of minimum competence that was needed for the Standard Setting Study. The initial draft was further refined after feedback from several groups of stakeholders, including from a State Bar working group, law school deans, and the psychometrician. (See page 11 of the study for the definition of minimum competence that was used.)

The State Bar has held biweekly conference calls, open to all California law school deans, since March to discuss progress on the three bar exam studies. Deans of several law schools regularly participated.

Law schools nominated faculty members to participate in the Standard Setting Study. Otherparticipants in the study were nominated by other stakeholders including the Supreme Court, the Assembly Judiciary Committee and the governor's office.

To further ensure the study's integrity, the State Bar contracted with both the California Department of...

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