New world resolutions.

Author:McKenna, Joseph F.
Position:Tooling Around - Comments on nationalism and economic recovery - Column

Baby New Year has some hard lines etched into his face. Like the rest of us, he's dragging the baggage of last year's national tragedy and an ongoing economic slump. He could use a change...of attitude as well. In fact, we all could stand a little attitude adjustment.

This year, I say, let's forego the time-honored and quickly broken New Year's resolutions. We won't worry about losing 10 pounds or painting the house by March. Instead, we'll commit to "new world resolutions." Ones we can't slough off.

The first one is obvious: We stay the current course against terrorism.

Job 1 toward fulfilling that resolution is the elimination of all Osama bin Ladens, their henchmen and their supporters. They have befouled our world and our children's world with their devotion to death and horror. They must be stopped fully.

Please keep in mind that finishing off the orginal bin Laden will be but a first step toward justice, not a guarantee of lasting peace. The poison of hatred and intolerance that nurtured him has crossed all borders and can feed like-minded cutthroats. As I wrote in an earlier column ("This won't stand," October 2001), a series of monumentally (Measurement and Inspection/Software) craven acts have drafted us all into service to the nation. Our tour of duty may last a lifetime. Let's acknowledge that and get on with defeating the bad guys.

Next, let's resolve to ride out the current economic turbulence.

The gloomy projections have been frequent and steady for a while. We're generally agreed that economic growth may be a third-quarter sighting at best this year. Nevertheless, we can't be tempted to despair.

"The economy is basically in good shape, but is floundering because business leaders and consumers are uncertain about the future," said Donald Wainwright, chairman and CEO of the aerospace manufacturer Wainwright Industries and chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers. Consequently, all of us will have to be cheerleaders as well as players this year. For starters, we'll need to promote each and every opportunity to stimulate the economy--be it through...

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