New Seat, New Vantage Point.

AuthorBrown, William A.

This is my first "President's Corner" since I joined NDTA on 4 October. Having served most recently as the Vice Commander at USTRANSCOM and then as the Joint Staff, Director for Logistics, I was looking for the next challenge as I transitioned from active duty. I had no idea I would end up here at NDTA--the transition has been great. I have been helped by so many--the Joint Staff, the NDTA staff and friends. My family and I are grateful for the opportunity to serve in the important mission of the NDTA.

As a military leader, I witnessed firsthand how the NDTA ensures government and industry work more collaboratively. My predecessor, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Mark "Buz" Buzby, and the Board of Directors led a necessary transformation of NDTA over the past several years. Transformation may be a bit of an overstatement, but in this case it is a good term to use to give the credit to Buz Buzby and the Board that they deserve.

Working through the Committees and US Transportation Command to focus the Fall Meeting on educating defense and industry on the complexities of the logistics business, standing up a Cyber Committee, informing the membership of major issues impacting logistics, and instilling a sense of common purpose between defense and industry--these were all accomplishments on the Buzby Watch.

The Honorable Mark "Buz" Buzby is a "secret sauce" kind of leader. We will miss him dearly here at NDTA, but we know where to find him and trust he will continue to build on the transformation as he serves as our nation's newest Maritime Administrator Congratulations and Godspeed to you and your team at MARAD, Buz!

I would be remiss if I did not point out the role of the NDTA Board of Directors in supporting the initiatives Buz and the NDTA staff have implemented. The Board, and in particular, the Executive Committee--Bill Flynn (former Chairman), Bill Kenwell (former Vice Chairman), Jim Henry (Sealift), Randy Martinez (Air) and John Collins (Surface) have been the enablers who keep the momentum up.

Many of my first impressions have been shaped by the recent NDTA-USTRANS-COM Fall Meeting in St. Louis. I was in awe of the amount of planning, coordination and work that goes into putting on an event for 1230+ people. It was all worth it if, in the end, we created that collaborative and action-oriented environment. By all accounts, the Fall Meeting proved a great success.

The support from the USTRANSCOM senior leadership was pivotal and set the tone for the...

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