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Bribery: Identify Hidden Risks in Your Organization

This publication provides practical information and advice to generalist internal auditors regarding the difficult-to-discover act of bribery.

Manual de Evaluacion de Calidad Para la Actividad de Auditoria Interna

With more than 400 million native Spanish speakers around the world, the translation of Quality Assessment Manual for the Internal Audit Activity, one of the most critical tools for internal audit departments to ensure their performance is in line with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, is invaluable.

Become a Strategic Internal Auditor

Based on in-depth interviews with leading organizations, this publication provides insight into whether internal audit has a seat at the table when it comes to organizational strategy and the reasons behind the answers.

Nine Elements Required for Internal Audit Effectiveness in the Public Sector

This new research report is based on The IIA's Supplemental Guidance, The Role of Internal Auditing in Public Sector Governance, to assess common denominators for success in public sector auditing around the world, including greatest strengths, most significant barriers, and primary differences across regions.

Evaluating Internal Control Systems

This new report offers a single defined framework that delivers an integrated assurance approach with a practical, detailed method for assurance over the internal governance systems. Some benefits of CAM discussed in the report...

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