A New Publishing Platform is Needed.

Author:Garber, Bill

This seems urgent business because massive profits are what make a free press free. ("Shoptalk: Can Anti-Trust Law Save Newspapers?" October 2019) Exempting publishing from anti-trust threats is not new thinking. The Newspaper Preservation Act in 1970 exempted newspapers in multi-newspaper cities from anti-trust threats if they formed a "joint operating agreement" that essentially created a local newspaper advertising monopoly that benefited the publications collectively. With advertising having permanently left newspapers for GAFA, going after payment for an imagined $4 billion in "stolen" news would surely be a nice start. What is needed nationally is more like a total of $36 billion in news sale revenue after making news on paper an optional, independently subscribed to and profitable delivery service. Think about the possibilities of a platform offering Americans access to all the newspapers in America with a single subscription. Think Spotify for newsrooms instead of bands. Family subscriptions like Netflix. Physical copies...

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