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Here is an explanation of each of the Four A's as played out in the "The Pursuit of Happiness" campaign.


Because Millennials are bombarded with advertising impressions, it's hard to get through to them to get noticed. The campaign theme, "The Pursuit of Happiness" was developed because it is suggestive of patriotism. The Millennials take pride in basic American ideals, although they reinterpret them. Millennials want to find happiness, which, to them, means that they want to become all that they are capable of becoming.

The focus of the campaign is on the Millennials--and not on the bank. The suggested approach was for the bank to sponsor college-campus events, such as a movie night. The bank would develop a short video that would serve as a lead-in to the event. The video would highlight Millennials in the process of looking for their happiness.


This involves being where the Millennials are and doing the same thing that they are doing. Millennials are very active. The proposal was for the bank to sponsor events such as fun runs or obstacle courses. There would be competition and prizes. The obstacle course would be symbolic of Millennials overcoming obstacles in their lives. Participants would get things such as free T-shirts. When they wore the brand, the Millennials would immediately...

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