A NEW PARTNERSHIP: International Newspaper Group and E&P to honor operations 'all-stars'.

Author:Simpkins, Jerry

As part of the 2020 International Newspaper Group (ING) Leadership Networking Summit, ING and E&P have agreed to collaborate on the first annual ING/E&P Operations All Star Excellence Awards, kicking off a powerful partnership. The Summit is scheduled for Sept. 18 to 20 in Chicago.

According to Steve Mattingly, ING program chairman and senior vice president of Southern Lithoplate, the awards will celebrate both current and emerging print centric operational leaders.

When Mattingly and Mark Hall, ING president and regional manufacturing director for Postmedia Network Inc., presented the concept to the ING board of directors, they received unanimous approval. As this project rolls out, ING will work closely with E&P publisher Mike Blinder to firm up details for the award presentation and post award celebration at the upcoming Summit.

"E&P is excited to partner with ING to ignite the marketplace with current, highly relevant content centering on best practices, networking, and idea exchange driven from operational excellence," Blinder said regarding the collaboration. "For over 100 years, E&P has been the primary source for information for this essential and important part of the news publishing business. Now more than ever we believe it is important for us to be the voice for those who focus on operations."

Blinder has pledged updates and coverage in the magazine throughout the roll-out and into conclusion of the program. Both he and Mattingly will work together to promote the program and gain additional support from sponsors.

Award parameters will be announced this month. This announcement will be followed by initiating the awards search and compiling entries, confirming those entries and then reviewing nominations early in the third quarter of 2020. Winners will be presented their awards at the Summit on Sept. 19, followed by a celebratory wrap-up feature to be published in E&P.

"ING 2019 was such a success, we know we are on the right track for location, time of year and overall program content and structure," Hall said. "Our goal is to ensure print leaders have full access to true best in class ideas and networks to ensure their personal and professional contributions are fully optimized. Therein is the momentum."

As an operations executive, it's particularly exciting to me as well to see this effort in recognizing the contributions that production and operations have made throughout the years and continue to make to our industry. Many...

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