New museums for The National Mall.

Author:McCall, Bruce

Works in Progress - Brief article


The National Mall in Washington, D.C., is getting pretty full, and each new museum approved for it is said to be the last one the Mall can accommodate. But given the openness of Congress to good ideas if backed by enough money, we asked writer and illustrator Bruce McCall to imagine what's next for America's front yard.


The Museum of Morbid Obesity, sponsored by the American fast-food industry, will dramatically demonstrate how the average American is steadily expanding on a diet of saturated fats, salt, and carbohydrate overload by itself expanding, until sometime in the year 2014 it is expected to burst its walls.


Shaped like a flattened-down West Virginia mountaintop and stripped of all useless vegetation, the Museum of Strip Mining will start crumbling in the spring rains and create a thrilling and educational landslide. Deep inside the Museum, visitors can ogle unemployed miners and their families, huddled together for warmth in Company caves.

The Museum of the Book is designed to recapitulate mankind's 600-year tradition of reading printed books in a timesaving mere seven minutes...

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