A new idea.

Author:Kenny, Jack
Position:Editorial - Brief Article

When he was the president of Impressive Labels, Ron Irwin was a regular and active member of the Tag & Label Manufacturer's Institute, and the head of a successful converting business. Then a couple of years ago he "retired" (or so he said), saying he was going to go back to school, study computers, maybe go into teaching.

Well, Ron Irwin is back in the label business, but in a capacity that not even he foresaw when he left the industry. Yes, he did go back to school, but one thing led to another, and now he's running his own company, marketing his own product, and talking philosophy. He's had the opportunity recently to speak about his ideas to big crowds at two TLMI sessions, the technical conference and the annual meeting.

As Ron tells it (and you can read about it starting on page 30 of this issue), he encountered a process called "Direct Machine Monitoring" on a visit to a copper mine. DMM allows the mining equipment operator to monitor--in real time, electronically--every move they and their machines make, day in and day out. They learn what's productive and what's...

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