A new icon: Colliers Utah new headquarters is setting the standard for office space.

Author:Sturzenneger, Kathy

IN EARLY 2018, the leading commercial real estate firm in the entire Intermountain West entered into a strategic partnership with the leading global real estate services and investment management company, Colliers International. After two years and armed with a global footprint of over 15,400 professionals --including nearly 250 across various Utah submarkets--it was time for another important evolutionary change: a new regional headquarters.

Nestled into the mountains at the base of beautiful Cottonwood Canyon, Millrock Park was Colliers' home for over fifteen years. However, the start of a new decade marked the time for them to finally make the big move ... next door. With unbeatable views of the Wasatch Mountains and Salt Lake Valley, walking distance to various amenities and easy access to the freeway, airport and ski resorts, Colliers knew that Millrock Park was a great location for their company to continue to lead the market.

Even though the distance between the old space and the new is small, the change was significant. As Adam Long, COO of Colliers Utah, explains, an office is "a physical manifestation of who you are as a company," and Colliers wanted a space that was "more than just offices and desks where you go to work." This new office isn't just a place to work, bring clients and host community events: it's an icon--a showroom where business leaders can see exactly what is possible in the world of office construction, design and strategy.

For Colliers, that involved bringing together a team of industry leaders and innovators to collaborate on a space that showcases best practices from each area of expertise including architecture, construction, furniture, AV, sustainability and technology to name a few.

"Everyone wanted to be our partner knowing that this was going to be an iconic space full of strategies that our clients will want to imitate," says Long. Ultimately, Colliers worked with Construction Management Consultants, Beecher Walker Architecture, CCG Interiors, Hunt AV, Layton Construction, and Colliers Workplace Advisory group to create a space that fostered collaboration, strategy and cutting-edge technology and resources, all hallmarks of the company's culture and value proposition.


The benefit of having a dedicated project management team to coordinate the efforts of each group to deliver a project on time and within budget was invaluable, explained Long. Kate North, vice president of Colliers Workplace Advisory--a consulting group within Colliers that offers workplace and business strategy solutions to clients--leveraged her and her team's...

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