New guidelines issued for using cloud services.



In July, the European Union (EU) Article 29 Data Protection Working Party published guidance on the use of cloud computing throughout the EU.

The guideline, "Opinion 05/2012 on Cloud Computing," acknowledges the benefits of cloud computing, including its economical and societal benefits, as well as the protection risks it triggers when deployed on a wide scale. Some of the key concerns raised by the working group include:

* Lack of transparency of an outsourcing chain consisting of multiple players

* Unavailability of a common global data portability framework

* Lack of transparency in terms of the information that can be provided to data subjects about how their personal data is processed

First and foremost, the working group advised in a July 1 press release, organizations that plan to use cloud computing should conduct a comprehensive and thorough risk analysis.

"All cloud providers offering services in the EEA [European Economic Area] should provide the cloud client with all the information necessary to rightly assess the pros and cons of adopting such a service," the release stated. "Security, transparency and legal certainty for the clients should be key drivers behind the offer of cloud computing services."

The guidance also addresses...

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