New firm focused on internal auditing.

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It's common knowledge that thousands of former Arthur Andersen professionals have been recruited by rival firms in recent months as the once-mighty Andersen breaks apart. But a lesser-known recruitment involves hundreds of former Andersen professionals in the internal auditing and business risk consulting practices to a new firm called Protiviti Inc.

Based in Menlo Park, Calif., Protiviti is a recently formed subsidiary of Robert Half International specializing in outsourced and co-sourced internal auditing and risk consulting services. The company now has about 800 employees in 25 offices around the country, most hired in late May, and it hopes to have a global network of offices in place within a few months, according to Managing Director Everett Gibbs.

Internal audit and risk management represent new areas for RHI -- hence the need to look outside its own core strengths in accounting-related recruitment and placement.

"As a business strategy we believe there is a need for an independent party to assist management and boards in the areas of internal audit, corporate governance and managing risk," Gibbs said in an interview. "We intend to provide alternatives for boards that need expertise in risk control."

Clearly, Protiviti is seizing on the events of the day, with the unprecedented focus on auditing and financial results. The stock exchanges have encouraged internal audit departments, Gibbs notes, and the SEC has harped on real or potential conflicts of...

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