New Editor's Introduction.

Author:Hartung, Paul J.

Paul J. Hartung, Editor

"Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise. "



As with any beginning, this issue also marks an ending. For 6 years as editor (2008-2013) of CDQ (Volumes 57-61), preceded by 1 year as incoming editor (2007), Jerry Trusty has guided the journal faithfully and earnestly. Backed by a dedicated and distinguished editorial board and strong cast of ad hoc reviewers, as well as very capable editorial assistants--most recently Zi Young Kang--Jerry has steered the journal on a steady course of success and further solidified its exceptional reputation. Much has been accomplished and the field of career counseling and development has grown because of Jerry's good work with authors, the editorial board, guest editors, publications staff, and the journal's readership. I deliberately say good work because what Jerry has done in successfully shepherding CDQ reflects as much on his selfless, compassionate, and patient character as it does on his editorial expertise. As Jerry's second term as editor now ends, I thank him on behalf of the entire CDQ readership, the National Career Development Association, and the field of career development and counseling for his 7 years of devoted and diligent service. Jerry has eased my own role transition and made my work easier by his ready help and astute guidance.

This issue also gives opportunity to welcome new editorial board members, thank outgoing members, and acknowledge continuing members. First, we extend our deepest gratitude to Norman C. Gysbers, Spencer G. Niles, V. Scott Solberg, Graham Stead, and Raoul Van Esbroeck for their many years of service on the editorial board. Their considerable investment of time and energy has been of tremendous benefit to the journal, helping to ensure prudent editorial decisions as well as the journal's overall success. We also welcome the following new editorial board members who will likewise further CDQs continuing tradition of excellence in scholarship: Andeas Hirschi, J. G. (Kobus) Maree, Delila Owens, Patrick J. Rottinghaus, Darriek Tovar-Murray, Beverly J. Vandiver, and Susan C. Whiston. The journal will benefit greatly from their work. Finally, we thank all continuing editorial board members for their ongoing and unfailing service. These many individuals listed on the inside front cover provide the continuity needed to sustain the work of the journal.

A Look Ahead

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