New directions for coffee and tea in Africa.

Younger consumers, busier lives, a focus on convenience, and a growing awareness of healthy eating and drinking are influencing coffee and tea consumption patterns in Africa.

A July 13, 2006 trend summary in Drinks Business Review (London) said that coffee and tea are the traditional beverages of choice for many African consumers. The coffee and tea industries have nonetheless been able to increase interest in these beverages to allow a new measure of product differentiation in what had become a commodity marketing effort.

New product launches capitalize on patterns of healthy nutrition. And innovative coffee and tea offerings are being designed to be used with consumers moving from place to place as they follow their busy schedules.

In South Africa (SA), for example, Drinks Business reports success for a product that originated and grew in the United States (US) but has not been seen before in SA. The product is a packaging concept called a "pod" and it works for both coffee and tea.

Pods are designed to be used in "single-serve home brewing machines," and are therefore directed to the premium sector of the market. "The launch of this premium range highlights a growing demand for products that are not only quick to prepare and single-use, but which also use upscale ingredients," says Drinks Business.

Instant coffee has also taken on a new luster-mainly...

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