Creating new advantages.

Position:Industry outlook 2009

Q: How do you see the wider use of multitasking machines influencing manufacturers globally? What benefits will they find and where does the United States fit in the picture?

The words are straightforward as they come from Tom Dillon, president of Mori Seiki.


"For the record, multitasking machines are not for everyone," he said. "They are incredibly advantageous in some applications, while in others they bring little to no advantage.

"What we have found is simply this: when multi-tasking machines do bring positive difference to the end-user, it is oftentimes exponential, not the more traditional incremental difference we experienced in the very recent past."

Dillon said he believes that with the correct application, the use of multitasking machines enables a remarkable efficiency--one that creates a global competitiveness in manufacturing. Its impact...

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