Never let a crisis go to waste.

Author:Gutierrez, Santiago

For all practical purposes, the business year is over. There are still two important events pending. The November production peak, followed by the December seasonal consumption expansion, but both would have to exceed expectations substantially to change the dim results for 2015 (less than one percent growth for the region).

During the second half of the year, we will probably see more of the same: weak currencies unfortunately accompanied by timid advances in building new trade routes, and increased inflation and unemployment.

Politics will surely add some instability to this scenario. Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, even Peru, all have some issues to be resolved. Then there is Argentina, the silver country, which will probably shine again in 2016 if it modifies its economic management strategy after the October elections, and pitiful Venezuela whose government has condemned its people to live in one of the most toxic economic environments in the world.

However, a crisis should never be wasted. Difficult times force companies and governments to adjust, and often, to reinvent how they function at the same speed that households or stakeholders modify their behavior and investment strategies. For instance, why not try to achieve once and for all, better integrity standards in the region, or forcefully look for international expansion opportunities for companies?

In bad times, it is important to learn. Latin Americans will have to examine how China will further affect the region as the seven percent growth target...

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