Net Dreams.

Position:International Pages - Internet/Web/Online Service Information - Brief Article

ALL OVER CORPORATE LATIN AMERICA, PEOPLE ARE trading their nine-to-five existences for the 24/7 world of website companies. As this month's cover story highlights, the Internet migration includes men and women, young and old, novices and experts. This issue also looks at the fruit of their labors with Latin America's first rating of the region's top 60 websites.

Despite the premonitions that all of this will end in tears, and it may, perhaps what the web offers Latin America most of all is overwhelming optimism. Times are rough in the region--recession, unemployment and devaluation are the norm almost everywhere--yet none of the "netpreneurs" bemoans bad times let alone fears failure. People are busy chasing their dreams.

In doing so, the Internet crowd instantly enters a new international arena where areas of expertise, rather than borders, define the boundaries. Nowhere is...

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