Nephron to produce diagnostic kits in new partnership.


A new collaboration with specialty pharmaceuticals company Methapharm will allow Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp. to produce kits to help diagnose respiratory illnesses.

The kits contain methacholine chloride sterile inhalation solution in ready-to-administer concentrations for bronchoprovocation challenge testing used to diagnose conditions such as asthma, according to a news release.

"Methapharm will be a fantastic partner," Nephron CEO Lou Kennedy said in the release. "Patients deserve access to the very best respiratory tests available. That's what this collaboration will offer, and that's why we are looking forward to working with Methapharm."

The stable, room-temperature kits use provocholine, the only chloride powder approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in humans.

"Through this partnership with Nephron, Methapharm continues its mission to help reduce barriers to...

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