Neisha Crosland: Life of a Pattern.

Author:Lane, Margaret
Position:Book review

Neisha Crosland: Life of a Pattern

Neisha Crosland

Merrell Publishers

8755 Lookout Mountain Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046

9781858946573, $160.00, HC, 360pp,

Synopsis: Neisha Crosland is a surface pattern designer who is recognized internationally for her sophisticated and unusual color combinations, and her impeccable attention to balance and proportion. Oversized graphics and symmetrical geometric motifs typically characterize her designs.

Neisha sees pattern everywhere. Her extraordinary eye seeks out symmetry, order and structure wherever she goes: in artefacts, buildings, paintings and, above all, in nature. "Neisha Crosland: Life of a Pattern" is a tribute to that talent offering the reader a visual feast of pattern, color, unexpected information and surprising personal stories. It is also an exploration of why pattern matters to every single one of us.

In the pages of "Neisha Crosland: Life of a Pattern" she takes the reader from first spark of an idea to the finished product: exploring a myriad of cultural pathways and making unusual connections along the way. For in art, Neisha believes nothing is ever truly original.

There is fascinating technical detail, too, including wonderful examples of Neisha's early work using weaving and printing methods that have now vanished because of contemporary commercial pressures on mills and manufacturers. She also explores the ways a technique or color can completely reinvent a design, and how that design can alter its mood when placed in a different interior or when applied to a different medium or product.

Working sketches illuminate her argument as well as visuals of her key sources of inspiration...

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